Electricity Purchasing Strategies

Professionally managed, diverse energy solutions, which combine unique fixed and index rate structures

Hybrid Hedging Strategy

The Hybrid Hedging Strategy is a block-and-index hybrid purchasing strategy where some portions of a client’s electricity load (blocks) are fixed during the day, while others are at index-based pricing to take advantage of a client’s daily consumption pattern effectively.

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Core Benefits

  • Hybrid Purchasing strategy
  • Customized to client’s risk appetite and usage patterns
  • Combines fixed blocks with index-based pricing
  • Contract terms of 12 to 60 months available

Do I have control over the amount of electricity that is fixed versus indexed and timing when I choose a Hybrid Hedging Strategy?

Yes, The Hybrid Hedging Strategy allows clients to decide when and how much of their electricity is secured at a specific price point. This includes strategically placing blocks of a client’s electricity load into fixed-price contracts while putting other blocks into index-based contracts. You can decide the fixed and index-based percentage for your business goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions.